What We Do 


Aisling Project provides a safe and secure environment for all attending children and young people.


  • Developing a new approach to learning which will develop positive attitudes to school and further education by tapping into what each child can already do and encouraging them to grow and embrace life.
  • Developing the creativity of the children.
  • Developing co-ordination, social skills, teamwork and co-operation amongst the children.
  • Providing support to parents and the encouragement of parental involvement with the childrens education and well-being.
  • During this time feedback from local schools, social workers and parents continues to be positive.
  • A hot nutritious dinner is provided each day to all children and young people.
  • Homework support is then provided for every child ensuring they are encouraged to complete all homework.
  • Giving the children contact with positive role models.
  • Building and maintaining individual relationships with the children.
  • The consistency of Aisling Project ensures children grow in confidence in relation to their school work and importantly self-esteem.






CRA Number: 20049058
Aisling Project, Ballymun, Dublin 9
(01) 891 6532