About Us

Aisling Project is an After School Intervention working throughout the community of Ballymun.

We currently operate over five afterschool centres across Ballymun, working with over 140 children and young people from the ages of 7 to 16+ years.


Aisling Project provides a safe and secure environment for all attending children and young people. We have always been inspired by a vision of love, care and support with each child and young person as the focus for everything we do.  Aisling Project provides a wide range of ever expanding activities all in a welcoming, safe, caring and fun-filled environment.

Aisling Project strives to improve educational outcomes and actively encourages improved school participation and completion. We have a strong focus on the voice of the child and respecting each child as an individual.

Each child and young person who attends is provided with a hot nutritious dinner and is supported with their homework.  Activities provided are always evolving and include Drama, Swimming, Lego Robotics, Gymnastics, Health Awareness, and Gardening Programmes. 

Aisling Project takes a holistic child focused approach and provides a wrap-around approach to care, education, and listening to the voice of the child.  It has links to several other services, both local and further afield and makes appropriate referrals when required.

Aisling Project is financed through state and charitable funds. 


Our Services

After schools service to holistically support the education needs of childrene

Structured and supportive environment where children can discover their own talents and achieve their potential as unique individuals

Purposeful activities that support children’s emotional, social, cognitive and language skills

We work shoulder to shoulder with educational and community professionals to address child development and education in Ballymun

We work hand in hand with families to support coping and parenting skills and maintain family units

Our Mission

We provide a happy, nurturing, and positive environment where children have the safety and freedom to be themselves.  The very best child development practices and standards are followed at all times. We work closely with schools and other professionals.

We provide the education and life-skills necessary to provide a sound foundation for completion of the education cycle.

Programmes are in place to help every child become aware of their value and of the options available to them in life. We help children to develop as unique individuals and to achieve their potential as human beings.

Our Beliefs

We believe in the importance of recognizing each child and young person’s individuality and giftness.

Our role is to help our children come to know their own talents and abilities and find inner belief in their own potential.

Contact Us

CRA Number: 20049058
Aisling Project, Ballymun, Dublin 9
(01) 891 6532